UK Foundation Licence

Preparing for the Foundation Licence.
There are two Parts to the Foundation Licence. Here I am going to Focus on the Practical Assessments. When you first approach them they can seem daunting. Hopefully this will show, they are simple to work through.

The Practical Assessments relate to parts of the Foundation Licence syllabus. Which you can download here :

Your instructor will induct you on to a course, they will then give you a record of achievement. This must be filled out and kept safe. Every time you complete an Assessment. it will be signed off.

What are the Practical Assessments ?

1) Demonstrate using a VHF/UHF transmitter / receiver to find a F.M voice signal and a Data Signal. Read the Signal Strength correctly ( if a meter is fitted )

2) Demonstrate making a contact with a VHF/UHF transceiver. Showing use of the Squelch, Volume ( Audio Gain ) and changing the Frequency.

3) Explain the meaning of signal reports used while in a contact.

4) Make a Simplex ( 1 – 1 ) VHF/UHF contact demonstrating the use of signal reports.

5) Demonstrate the use of a HF Radio transmitter / receiver to tune in to a SSB voice contact and a CW ( Morse ) contact.

6) Make a HF, SSB contact. Demonstrating Frequecy, Receiver Incrimental Tuning ( RIT ) Audio Gain, RF Gain, Microphone Gain and Antenna Tunner ( ATU )

7) Make a HF, SSB contact and exchange Signal reports.

8 ) Demonstrate a CQ Call on VHF / UHF, starting on the calling channel and QSY’ing ( changing frequency. to complete the contact.

9) Demonstrate connecting a Radio transceiver to a Power supply, Antenna and Feeder.

10) Use a 1/2 wave dipole. Adjust the SWR until you find the lowest value. ( not while transmitting)

11) Morse Code Receiving.

12) Morse code Sending.

If you have some Radio experience, CB, Business radio etc. You will probably be familiar with most of it. If not it may seem very difficult to get a handle on. Keep reading ! it should fall in to place.

Hopefully the list above has shown the benefits of taking a course !

A few of the Assessmetns are similar and can be completed together. For this reason I am going to group together the following ones and explain them on a page of their own :-

Practicals P 1 : 1,2,3,4, 8
Practicals P 2 : 5,6
Practicals P 3 : 9,10
Practicals P 4 : 11,12

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