Sound Card Data Interface Version 3

While building my Version 2 USB Data Interface, I had some ideas on shrinking and improving the design.

schemaHere is the VOX Schematic. Its smaller, has integrated delay and switches a relay. The 22 K pot is for trimming the audio level. If its too loud from the PC it will stay in TX mode.


Playing with different designs.


Testing it with actual Data from the Pc / radio.


The new design, much smaller and less prone to RF !


Relay switching of the TX line. better isolation and works with older equipment ! the capacitor provides a delay. preventing continuous switching.

20140429_172006-1Its boxed, I have used the same box and hardware as my previous version. Need to give it some tests.

This project is under development. I will add more once, I am sure the new setup works well.











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