Centre Plate and spreaders

Below is a picture of the centre plate and four telescopic fiberglass spreaders.


The clamps that hold them in place are for car exhausts. They come with the U shaped metal supports. reducing crushing of the fiberglass poles. The poles are 4 meters long when extended. So it will support a 20 meter antenna.

Portable Moxon / Delta

I decided to build a portable and light frame for a HF Moxon or Delta Loop Antenna.

HF Moxon / Delta plate

HF Moxon / Delta plate

Above you can see the centre plate. It is 1 CM thick Perspex. Its dimensions are the same as a4 paper. They are sold on ebay for a few pound. very cheap, strong and light. perfect for portable use.

There are holes drilled for four spreaders, these are to support the moxon.

There are additional holes drilled that allow me to remove two spreaders and fix one perpendicular to the plate. This creates a very large triangle to support a delta loop.