Amateur Radio

So What is Amateur Radio ?

Amateur Radio is a hobby. It has a very large number of activities. You will find most amateurs focus on one or two they particulary like. At the heart of it, is Radio Communication and electronics. We use various pieces of equipment to make Radio contacts all over the world. We also develop and utilise Satellites, which are launched into space and enable us to communicate with each other or complete scientific experiemnts. Here on Earth, we have Repeaters that we can use to extended our radio range. These are built and maintained by our fellow Amateurs and offered free to use.

A section of the Amateur Radio community also offer their knowledge and skills to help the emergency services. Providing Radio communications when there is a disaster or public event.

At the other end, there are also Amateurs who simply like to have a chat ( ragchew ). They are not interested in pursuing the more technical aspects of the hobby.

We communicate by voice, Morse code ( CW ), Sending Pictures, Sending Text messages and can even read our e-mail. Not a lot of people realise but the International Space Station also uses Amateur Radio for Communication, Sending pictures and even live video from space is being added. They regulary hold contacts with school children. Radio Amateurs building the Ground station to enable them to ask astronaughts questions.

Amateur Radio started with Marconni’s first experiments in 1894. He went on to┬ádiscover ┬álong distance radio. Since then, Amateurs have led many advances in radio communications. Most of which now play an integral part of modern life.

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