70 Cm ( 430 Mhz ) Yagi beam.

This page shows a 7 element, Yagi beam antenna built out of spare parts for the 70 CM band.


The below image is the measurements of the antenna. It shows the size and position. Don’t forget the Driven element ( red ) is cut in the centre.


The boom, plastic inserts are all from a broken TV antenna. The elements are from an old broken fishing rod stand. It is all aluminium.


The below image shows the Driven element and balun housing with a reflector.


This is a close up of the balun box, SO239 and driven element. The green box is salvaged from an old TV antenna.


The Yagi has a balanced driven element but is fed by unbalanced coax. To make sure it works correctly, we need to convert from one to the other. I have chosen to use a coax balun. Which can be seen below. It is very simple. There are other options.


For more technical information about this Antenna, you can find a very impressive write up here ( not my work but a big thank you for it ) : https://ejo60.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/seven-element-70-cm-yagi-antenna/

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