3D Printed Straight Key

This is a little project to design and build a straight key that can be printed on a 3D printer for use with my pixie 2 or FT817.

I wanted it as simple and small as possible. As it will be used outdoors and for practice. It is next to a 2 pence piece for size comparison.

Strightkey3DThis base plate contains the ground wire from the radio. Which feeds through a channel and is soldered to a piece of PCB. Which fits snuggly in a premade cut-out.


The trigger wire is fed through a channel in the arm and fixed between two nuts.


This is the parts required to build it. Two bolts, four nuts, a spring, a piece of wire, a small piece of PCB and the parts from the 3D Printer. The L shaped piece is a bracket blank to connect it to the side of my FT817.


You can download the STL file here : http://www.m0zpk.co.uk/download/3d-printable-straight-key/







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